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Do you wish you had straighter teeth or fewer gaps? At Aesthetic Dentistry of Manhattan in Midtown East, New York City, the expert dental team offers Invisalign®, an innovative new way to straighten your teeth without the hassle and discomfort of metal braces. When you work with the dental team at Aesthetic Dentistry of Manhattan, you can expect a caring, knowledgeable consultation and treatment customized to meet your unique needs. Call or book an appointment online today.

Invisalign Q & A

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a treatment process for straightening teeth using patented flexible plastic aligner trays that fit over your teeth. You switch out the trays about every two weeks to gradually move your teeth into better alignment.

The aligner trays are made of plastic-free from BPA, BPS, latex, and gluten. The plastic trays are clear and fit snugly over your teeth, so they’re nearly invisible.

Who is a good candidate for Invisalign?

From teens to adults, virtually anyone unhappy with the appearance of crooked or crowded teeth can benefit from Invisalign. Issues Invisalign can treat include:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Gapped teeth

Why should I choose Invisalign?

Invisalign is an affordable, discreet way to straighten your teeth. The Invisalign aligners are more comfortable and far less noticeable than metal braces.

Since you can remove your Invisalign aligners, you can eat, drink, and maintain proper oral care easily. And you won’t need specialized tools to clean your teeth like you would with traditional metal braces.

How does Invisalign work?

First, your dentist at Aesthetic Dentistry of Manhattan performs a thorough examination and takes digital images of your mouth. They use these digital scans to create a plan for shifting your teeth into better alignment.

Next, you will receive a set of Invisalign aligners to place over your teeth. You’ll switch out your aligners for a new set every couple of weeks to incrementally shift your teeth to the desired position over time.

You’ll wear your aligners for about 22 hours each day, but you can take them out to eat and to brush and floss your teeth.

How fast can I see results with Invisalign?

The length of time you use your Invisalign aligners will vary depending on the current position of your teeth. Your dentist will outline a general time frame for you, but most people can expect to see results with Invisalign twice as fast as with traditional metal braces.

Don’t wait any longer to begin Invisalign treatment, call or click today to schedule your consultation at Aesthetic Dentistry of Manhattan.